ISP stands for,

A. Information Standard Processing

B. Instruction Set Processor

C. Interrupt Service Procedure

D. Interchange Standard Protocol

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  1. a polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points within the polygon lies completely inside the…
  2. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminal is ..
  3. A ____________ is a series of slides displayed in a particular sequence.
  4. Slide and title masters contain ___________ that reserve spaces for text and footers such as date, time…
  5. Quick access to frequently used commands can be found in the ________ toolbar.
  6. Which registers can interact with the secondary storage ?
  7. The ________ master controls the format and placement of the titles and text you type on slides, as…
  8. Notes that include the slide as well as key comments and points you may want to emphasis while you present…
  9. Devices that are used primarily to transport data between the processor and the user are known as ____
  10. A ________ displays a list of commands and usually appears in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  11. The relationship among the data and objects which are stored in the database called application database,…
  12. The text color in a presentation should contrast with the ________ color.
  13. During the execution of a program which gets initialized first ?
  14. ______________ is the special effect used to introduce each slide in a slide presentation.
  15. A polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points within the polygon may not lie completely inside…
  16. The purpose of display processor is _________ from the graphics routine task
  17. Display controller is not required for _________
  18. Graphics software acts as a very powerful tool to create _________
  19. Changing the appearance of your slide _________ can alter the slides color, shade, pattern, or texture.
  20. Length of shift register in bits is equal to _________
  21. A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a ?
  22. Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 900 , is equivalent…
  23. SIMD stands for ....
  24. The decoded instruction is stored in ______ .
  25. Which statement is valid about computer program?
  26. the line segment from the view plane to the view reference point is called __________
  27. The instruction -> Add LOCA,R0 does,
  28. ______ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations .
  29. The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?
  30. The smallest addressable screen element. Is called_______