Change one part of a sentence for another part without changing the meaning.

It costs twelve dollars.

A. Its cost is twelve dollars.

B. The cost is twelve dollars.

C. Twelve dollar is the cost of it.

D. The cost stands at twelve dollars.

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  1. Transform the given sentence into complex.Her looks proclaim her innocence.
  2. Transform the given sentence into simple.She said that she was coming.
  3. To his eternal disgrace, he betrayed his country.
  4. This kind of jokes never amuses me.
  5. This scene is surpassingly beautiful.
  6. Mary collects old stamps. It is her hobby.
  7. The old car was in fairly good operating condition, but the condition of the body was poor.
  8. The man took out a knife. He intended to frighten all of us.
  9. The manager appointed John. He will do the accounts.
  10. The men held a meeting. They wanted to elect a manager for the company.
  11. Transform the given sentence into assertive.How gorgeous is the sunset!
  12. Transform the given exclamatory sentence into assertive sentence:How kind of you to help her like that.
  13. We went to the theater. We saw a movie there.
  14. It costs twelve dollars.
  15. Transform the given compound sentence into complex sentence.You have to be 18 years old or you cant…
  16. A group of my classmates studied the problem and solved it in a few minutes.
  17. Transform the given complex sentence into compound sentence.Although he is rice, he is not happy.
  18. Transform the given sentence into compound.Coming to me, Anita delivered the letter.
  19. I see him everyday.
  20. People who have poor diets are likely to catch colds.
  21. Besides robbing the poor child, he also murdered the child.
  22. When the leaves begin to fall, we will harvest the last of our crops.
  23. They wanted to win. They worked hard for that reason.
  24. Transform the given sentence into complex.Listen and I will give you all.
  25. Transform the given sentence into positive.Samay writes more neatly than any other boy in the class.
  26. The students were not able to solve the problem. It was too difficult for them.
  27. Transform the given sentence into compound sentence.Everyone knows that the earth is round.
  28. The teacher punished the children for disobedience.
  29. We can wait here until Sourav calls us.
  30. Transform the given assertive sentence into interrogative.Everybody has heard of Amitabh Bachchan.