It is acceptable to let long text flow into adjacent cells on a worksheet when

A. data will be entered in the adjecent cells

B. no data will be entered in the adjacent cells

C. there is no suitable abbrevition for the text

D. there is not time to format the text

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  1. Which setting you must modify to print a worksheet using letterhead?
  2. To copy formatting from one area in a worksheet and apply it to another area you would use:
  3. When you want to insert a blank imbedded excel object in a word document you can
  4. A circular reference is
  5. Which of the following is not true regarding Conditional Formatting?
  6. What is the short cut key to replace a data with another in sheet?
  7. The chart wizard term data series refers to
  8. To view a cell comment
  9. The active cell:
  10. Which of the following is not the correct method of editing the cell content?
  11. The short cut key Ctrl + R is used in Excel to
  12. A worksheet range is a
  13. When a label is too long to fit within a worksheet cell, you typically must
  14. Which of the following action removes a sheet from workbook?
  15. Comments can be added to cells using ......
  16. An excel workbook is a collection of
  17. Which of the following formulas will Excel Not be able to calculate?
  18. Which button do you click to add up a series of numbers?
  19. To copy cell contents using drag and drop press the
  20. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
  21. If you need to remove only the formatting done in a range (numbers and formula typed there should not…
  22. Edit >> Delete command
  23. Which of the following is not a term of MS-Excel?
  24. The Cancel and Enter buttons appear in the:
  25. How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
  26. How do you select an entire column?
  27. Excel files have a default extension of
  28. Text formulas:
  29. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two?
  30. Excel probably considers the cell entry January 1, 2000 to be a