It is possible to change the password character property of text box control at run time.

A. True

B. False

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  1. List count property returns total number of items in list box control.
  2. In visual basic Bool variable stores
  3. when using 'do until-loop' statement as stated belowI=10Do until I>5Print II=I+1LoopThis statement…
  4. It is possible to declare 'Dynamic Array' in visual basic.
  5. which should be included when an application is used without any forms
  6. Currency variable stores fixed point numbers with :
  7. In visual basic you can draw something in
  8. Time variable is used to store date and time in visual basic
  9. What will be the output when the statements below will execute :Dim a as integera=0while(a<5)print…
  10. In visual basic 'Break' statement could be used along with "Select Case"
  11. What is the default value for multi-select property of list box control.
  12. Min and Max property can be used with Font common dialog box to determine
  13. It is possible to build an application without using any form:
  14. What is the default value of MaxLength property of text box control?
  15. When using do loop-while statement then the statements within the loop body will be executed only once…
  16. Time() function is used to recover date & time.
  17. CommonDialog1.ShowOpenFilename1=CommonDialog1.FilenameThe above code will
  18. In visual basic the default unit is :
  19. Constants are processed faster than variables :
  20. In runtime it is not possible to change the form size.
  21. _____________ property of any control cannot change at run time.
  22. To get the property window in visual basic you have to press :
  23. To add the commondialog control to any project one has to include it from
  24. If there is a control array of label for 10 elements, then what will be the fifth element in the array?
  25. DocumentForm() it is
  26. Visual Basic has ____________ number of editions
  27. Delete method of the recordset of Data Control or Data Access Object is delete the record which is pointed…
  28. To run an application you have to press :
  29. Instr$(text1.text,"visual") will returns :
  30. Function can return array as return value: