It is required to connect two parallel shafts, the distance between whose axes is small and variable. The shafts are coupled by

A. Universal joint

B. Knuckle joint

C. Oldham's coupling

D. Flexible coupling

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  1. In the below figure, PC is the connecting rod and OC is the crank making an angle θ with the line…
  2. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism are called
  3. The magnitude of velocities of the points on a rigid link is
  4. In a Hartnell governor, if a spring of greater stiffness is used, then the governor will be
  5. TJIE horse power transmitted by a belt is dependent upon
  6. In a vibrating system, if the actual damping coefficient is 40 N/m/s and critical damping coefficient…
  7. The natural frequency of free torsional vibrations of a shaft is equal to (where q = Torsional stiffness…
  8. The natural frequency of free longitudinal vibrations is equal to (where m = Mass of the body, s = Stiffness…
  9. Which of the following is a pendulum type governor?
  10. The danger of breakage and vibration is maximum
  11. Rectangular bar in a rectangular hole is the following type of pair
  12. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  13. The unbalanced primary forces in a reciprocating engine are
  14. The minimum number of teeth on the pinion which will mesh with any gear without interference for 20°…
  15. The ratio of the number of teeth to the pitch circle diameter in millimetres, is called
  16. A slider moves at a velocity v on a link revolving at ω rad/s. The coriolis component of acceleration…
  17. The amplitude of vibration is always __________ the radius of the circle.
  18. In order to give the primary balance of the reciprocating parts of a multi-cylinder inline engines,
  19. The velocity of a body moving with simple harmonic motion is __________ at the mean position.
  20. A chain comprises of 5 links having 5 joints. Is it kinematic chain?
  21. Cylindrical cams can be classified as
  22. A mechanism __________ for transmitting or transforming motion.
  23. Angle of action of cam is defined as the angle
  24. With usual notations for different parameters involved, the maximum fluctuations of energy for a flywheel…
  25. In a system subjected to damped forced vibrations, the ratio of maximum displacement to the static deflection…
  26. A Hartnell governor is a
  27. The maximum efficiency of a screw jack is
  28. In order to facilitate starting of locomotive in any position, the cranks of a locomotive with two cylinders,…
  29. Elements of pairs held together mechanically is known as
  30. Creep in belt drive is due to