Klein's construction gives a graphic construction for

A. Slider-crank mechanism

B. Velocity polygon

C. Acceleration polygon

D. Four bar chain mechanism

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  1. In Meyer's expansion valve, the expansion valve is driven by an eccentric having an angle of advance…
  2. When the two elements of a pair have a surface contact when relative motion takes place and the surface…
  3. In a mechanism, usually one link is fixed. If the fixed link is changed in a kinematic chain, then relative…
  4. In Meyer's expansion valve, the main valve is driven by an eccentric having an angle of advance from
  5. The driving and driven shafts connected by a Hooke's joint will have equal speeds, if
  6. The motion between a pair when limited to a definite direction, irrespective of the direction of force…
  7. The gears are termed as medium velocity gears, if their peripheral velocity is
  8. The instantaneous centre of a rigid thin disc rolling on a plane rigid surface is located at
  9. A disc is a spinning with an angular velocity ω rad/s about the axis of spin. The couple applied…
  10. The height of a Watt's governor is
  11. A circle passing through the pitch point with its center at the center of cam axis is known as
  12. The frictional torque transmitted in a flat pivot bearing, assuming uniform wear, is (Where μ =…
  13. Longitudinal vibrations are said to occur when the particles of a body moves
  14. Under logarithmic decrement, the amplitude of successive vibrations are
  15. When a body moves with simple harmonic motion, the product of its periodic time and frequency is equal…
  16. The moment on the pulley which produces rotation is called
  17. The product of the diametral pitch and circular pitch is equal to
  18. When the pitching of a ship is __________ the effect of gyroscopic couple acting on it will be to move…
  19. Power of a governor is the
  20. A system of masses rotating in different parallel planes is in dynamic balance if the
  21. A spring controlled governor is found unstable. It can be made stable by
  22. For an involute gear, the ratio of base circle radius and pitch circle radius is equal to
  23. Two pulleys of radii r₁ and r₂ and at distance x apart are connected by means of an open…
  24. The maximum fluctuation of energy is the
  25. In a shaper mechanism, the Coriolis component of acceleration will
  26. The power of a Porter governor is equal to
  27. The centre distance between two meshing involute gears is equal to
  28. The maximum efficiency of a screw jack is
  29. In a Hartnell governor, the compression of the spring is __________ the lift of the sleeve.
  30. The size of cam depends upon