Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characters was challenged by

A. August Weismann

B. Hugo de Vries

C. Herbert- Spencer

D. Carl Linnaeus

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  1. Sterilization, as the means for the prevention of sepsis in surgery, was practised and advocated by
  2. The theory that cells arise from the pre-existing cells was proposed by
  3. Phonoreceptor refers to the perception of
  4. What are the symptoms of retinal deficiency?
  5. Which of the following is a good and rich source of vitamin 'C'?
  6. The ultimate substances to which the carbohydrates are degraded are
  7. Scrub jungle Is characterised by
  8. The latest drug for cancer is obtained from
  9. Small pox is caused by
  10. Lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles belong to the class
  11. Man is warm-blooded, frog is cold-blooded, Which one of the following is cold-blooded?
  12. Turner's syndrome is a disease caused by
  13. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  14. The waste product In the urine of man is
  15. Bats can fly in the dark because
  16. Hormone promoting maleness in flowering plants is
  17. The spores of Puccinia formed on the leaves of wheat are called
  18. A person with a blood group ____ is considered to be an universal donor.
  19. Insects that make a clicking sound are
  20. The drug Ergot is obtained from
  21. Pulse rate is measured in the wrist by observing the jerks of blood In the
  22. Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?
  23. Genes are made of
  24. Oxygen transport is a function of
  25. Athlete's Coot is the common name for the fungal disease
  26. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  27. Phenylketonuria is an example of an inborn error of metabolism. Thins error refers to
  28. Nephrons are found inside
  29. Which one is called anti-haemorrhagic vitamin?
  30. The universal recipient belongs to blood group