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  1. Drills are usually made of
  2. __________ is used for tying the steel columns to concrete foundation.
  3. Tesla metre per ampere (T. m/A) is the unit for the measurement of
  4. The difference in one unit of Rockwell hardness number corresponds to a difference in the depth of indentation…
  5. Pipelines carrying various utilities in chemical industries are identified by their colour codes. The…
  6. Electrolytic reduction cell used for conversion of calcined Al2O3 to Al is a carbon lined furnace operating…
  7. Electrical conductivities of semi-conductors are of the order of __________ ohm/cm.
  8. __________ property of a material is determined by the Herbert Pendulum device.
  9. Large scale fire on fuel gas line is normally extinguished by
  10. Mho's scale of hardness, which consists of 10 standard minerals is used for the measurement of __________…
  11. The two elements required to form substitutional solid solution should not have
  12. Venturimeter is used to measure the flow rate of fluids in pipes, when the pipe is in __________ position.
  13. Which of the following is prone to cup and cone fracture?
  14. Vibration upto 100 kilo hertz can be most accurately measured by a __________ type accelerometer.
  15. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
  16. Ammonia gas can be dried by
  17. The most important function of a washer is to provide bearing area and washers are normally specified…
  18. Which of the following is an unconventional source of energy?
  19. With increasing carbon percent in steel beyond 0.8%, its ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and __________…
  20. In inventory control theory, the economic order quantity (EOQ) is the
  21. Circular cross section machine parts which are symmetrical about the axis of rotation are made by hot
  22. 'Cryogenics' is concerned with the generation & use of low temperature in the range of
  23. Pick out the wrong statement.
  24. Which of the following has the highest modulus of elasticity (about 7 × 106 kg/cm2)?
  25. A material subjected __________ must have high resilience.
  26. Theoretical volume of oxygen required for complete combustion of 1Nm3 of acetylene, in oxyacetylene…
  27. Hot extrusion of aluminium is done in the temperature range of __________ °C.
  28. When dry bulb temperature & wet bulb temperature of moist air is the same, it means that the
  29. All the atoms of the world comprise of electrons, proton & neutron except that of __________ atom in…
  30. __________ of austenite decreases the hardenability in steel.