Linear programming can be applied successfully to

A. Chemical industry

B. Oil industry

C. Banks

D. All of these

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  1. The grouping of activities into organisational units is called
  2. Gantt chart provides information about the
  3. Critical path moves along the activities having total float of
  4. The factors which are to be considered while developing a good wage incentive plan will include
  5. Expediting function consists in keeping a watch on
  6. The deductions for, employees provident fund start
  7. The standard time for a job is
  8. In Lincoln plan (one type of group incentive plan), the amount of the profit which an employee receives…
  9. The main advantage of line organisation is its
  10. Micro motion study is
  11. According to MAPI formula, the old machine should be replaced by new one when (CAM = Challenger's Adverse…
  12. Basic motion time study gives times for basic motions in ten thousandths of
  13. Break-even analysis consists of
  14. Which of the following layouts is suited for mass production?
  15. Military organisation is known as
  16. Emergency rush order can be pushed more effectively in
  17. The most suitable incentive plan for the maintenance section of an industry will be
  18. Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to
  19. M.T.M. is used to
  20. For a product layout the material handling equipment must
  21. PMTP (predetermined motion time systems) include
  22. The main disadvantage of line organisation is
  23. The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to
  24. Break-even analysis shows profit when
  25. The type of organisation preferred for an automobile industry, is
  26. The aim of value engineering is to
  27. In a functional organisation
  28. In value engineering, important consideration is given to
  29. PERT analysis is based on
  30. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known…