Low helix angle drills are preferred for drilling holes in

A. Plastics

B. Copper

C. Cast steel

D. Carbon steel

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  1. The chamfering is an essential operation after
  2. The factor responsible for the formation of continuous chips with built up edge is
  3. In metal machining, the zone where the maximum heat is generated due to the plastic deformation of metal,…
  4. In the relation VTn = C, the value of n for carbide tools is
  5. The surface finish is improved by the increase in
  6. The broaching operation in which either the work or the tool moves across the other, is known as
  7. The width of cutting edge of a parting off tool varies from
  8. When the tool moves parallel to the lathe axis, the movement is termed as
  9. An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is known as
  10. The lathe spindles at the nose end have
  11. The binding material used in cemented carbide tools is
  12. Surface grinding is done to produce
  13. A right hand tool on a lathe cuts most efficiently when it travels
  14. The operation of smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole is known as
  15. The example of snag grinding is
  16. Larger than 15° side cutting edge angle
  17. What is the welding defect caused due to improper control and poor removal of slog between passes called?
  18. The grooving is an operation of
  19. In _________ operation, the cutting force is maximum when the tooth begins its cut and reduces it to…
  20. In machining metals, surface roughness is due to
  21. Crater wear is mainly due to the phenomenon known as
  22. The angle between the shear plane and __________ is called shear angle.
  23. Two streams of liquid metal which are not hot enough to fuse properly result into a casting defect known…
  24. The actual feed in centerless grinders is given by (where d = Dia. of regulating wheel, n = Revolutions…
  25. Internal gears can be made by
  26. EDM machining is applied for
  27. The lip clearance angle is the angle formed by the
  28. In determining the various forces on the chip, Merchant assumed that the
  29. Which of the following statement is incorrect with reference of lathe cutting tools?
  30. In which of the following milling machine, the table can be tilted in a vertical plane by providing…