Lunar caustic is

A. calcium sulphate

B. ammonium chloride

C. caustic soda

D. silver nitrate

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  1. Two or more entirely different compounds having the same molecular formula are known as
  2. If people sleep in closed rooms where charcoal fire is burning, they die due to
  3. The pH or pure water is nearly 7.0 It will increase on the addition or
  4. Which of the following is a Bleaching agent?
  5. Which of the following biology laboratory?
  6. Which among the following is a metalloid?
  7. The neutron was discovered by
  8. Oil of winter green contains
  9. Which of the following is not a food material?
  10. Nitrous oxide used as anaesthetic is usually mixed with
  11. What is 'oxygen mixture'?
  12. The function of nitrogen in air is
  13. A burning substance which continues to burn in a jar of carbon dioxide is
  14. Mortar contains cement and sand in the ratio of
  15. Ethyl alcohol is
  16. Which one of the following gases is extremely soluble in water?
  17. Radium was isolated from
  18. Which one of the following metals is used to extract another metal?
  19. Penicillin was discovered by
  20. Which of the following la a very good supporter of combustion?
  21. A common rodenticide is (Rat Poison)
  22. Hard water does not lather well with soap because
  23. Oxalic acid is used in the manufacture of
  24. Which one of the following elements is alloyed with iron to produce steel which can resist high temperatures…
  25. Water always contains hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio 1:8 by weight. This is in accordance with the
  26. High temperature thermometers use
  27. Laughing gas is
  28. Which is the 'odd man' in the following?
  29. A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen is
  30. The artificial silk produced from cellulose is