Main constituent of dolomite is

A. CaCO3

B. MgCO3

C. K2CO3

D. Na2CO3

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  1. Dechlorination of treated water is necessary to
  2. Pick out the wrong statement.
  3. Commercial scale production of hydrogen from iron-steam reaction represented by, 3Fe + 3H2O = Fe3O4…
  4. Pick out the true statement pertaining to water treatment.
  5. P.T.F.E. (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) is commercially known as
  6. One of the steps during refining of cane sugar consists of addition of hydrated lime to the sugar syrup…
  7. Phenol formaldehyde is produced by condensation polymerisation. It is also known as
  8. Resistance to fusion of the refractory under a steady rising temperature condition is called
  9. The compressive strength of cement should not be less than about 110Kg/cm2 after three days & not less…
  10. Oxygen is separated by distillation from air after its liquefaction. The boiling point of oxygen is…
  11. Dacron (or Terylene) fibres as compared to nylon fibres have
  12. Alcohol is produced by the
  13. __________ is obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide using brine.
  14. Air used in aerobic fermentation must be sterilized, otherwise the
  15. Shrinkage volume in cement setting does not depend upon the
  16. Main constituent of dolomite is
  17. A mineral is termed as 'ore', if
  18. Enzymes are
  19. Which of the following has sodium bicarbonate as its main constituent?
  20. Sodium bisulphite is used for __________ water.
  21. Rosin soap is added during paper manufacture to
  22. The main product of high temperature carbonisation of coal is
  23. Viscosity index improver (like polystyrene or polyisobutylene) is added to lubricant to
  24. Glycerine can be obtained from
  25. Percentage of alcohol in beer may be around __________ percent.
  26. Low purity oxygen is used for
  27. Comparing sulphate process with sulphite process, we find that __________ in the later.
  28. Parathion and Malathion are
  29. Phenol is mainly used
  30. __________ process is used for producing soda ash.