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  1. Which one of the following is not an essential micronutrient for plants?
  2. Which one of the following is viral disease?
  3. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of
  4. The medulla oblongata encloses the
  5. Plant diseases are spread by
  6. At the end of a reaction enzymes are
  7. In movable joints the tips of the bones are covered with
  8. Lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles belong to the class
  9. The mode of nutrition in which particulate food is devoured is
  10. Measles and influenza are caused by
  11. The juice from the leaves of ________ is used for the treatment of diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery.
  12. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
  13. Leafy trees help in preventing
  14. The association between leguminous plants and bacteria is
  15. When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed
  16. Kwashiorkar is a deficiency disease
  17. Which one of the following is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland?
  18. Timberline shows
  19. The liver destroys old
  20. What is 'atavism'?
  21. DNA is found
  22. Which one of the following was probably absent in the atmosphere at the time of origin of life?
  23. Pearl is secreted by the __________ of the pearl oyster.
  24. Which of the following diseases is water borne?
  25. Hormone promoting maleness in flowering plants is
  26. Saliva flows at the sight of food. This action is
  27. The latest drug for cancer is obtained from
  28. The saliva contains an enzyme called
  29. Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis?
  30. Egg laying animals are referred to as