Maraging steels derive their strength from the following mechanism:

A. A fine, highly dislocated and strong martensite

B. Fine dispersions of inter-metallic of Fe, Ni, Ti etc

C. Fine dispersions of alloy carbides in a ferrite matrix

D. Fine dispersions of C nucleated on dislocations in austenite

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  1. Babbitt lining is used on brass/bronze bearings to increase the
  2. Electrochemical corrosion can occur, only if __________ is present in contact with metal.
  3. __________ has the highest melting point out of the following.
  4. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
  5. In the blast furnace, incorporation of water vapour in the blast gives the following effect.
  6. Normalising of an object does not
  7. Maximum change in the hardness of martensite occurs in the carbon content range of __________ percent…
  8. Case hardening of a material is
  9. A highly elastic material is deformed least on loading and retains its original form on removal of the…
  10. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  11. Factor of safety in machine design is defined as the ratio of ultimate stress to __________ stress.
  12. __________ cannot increase the fatigue strength of a material.
  13. Minimum thermal efficiency of a steam boiler may be around __________ percent
  14. Venturimeter is used to measure the flow rate of fluids in pipes, when the pipe is in __________ position.
  15. Otto cycle used in spark ignition petrol engines is also known as the constant __________ cycle.
  16. With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity of semiconductors
  17. Tumbling is the process of improving the __________ of the materials/parts.
  18. Powder metallurgy process does not make metal powder by
  19. Use of flux during soldering is done to
  20. A solar cell converts the sunlight directly into __________ energy.
  21. A fluid is termed as the Newtonian fluid, when the shear stress is __________ the velocity gradient.
  22. Midrex process of sponge iron production uses reformed natural gas as the reducing agent, which uses…
  23. Work hardenable alloy steel used to make the bucket wheel excavators, blades of bulldozers and other…
  24. Frother is added in the froth floatation cell used in ore beneficiation to stabilise the air bubbles…
  25. At the point of boundary layer separation in fluid flow, the
  26. An approximately __________ process exemplifies the flow of a gas through a very long pipe of uniform…
  27. The temperature at which ferromagnetic material can no longer be magnetised by the outside forces, is…
  28. Consideration of the creep is the most important in case of the
  29. Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an
  30. Blow off cock is provided in steam boiler to