Marginal utility means:

A. Utility derived from the last unit of production

B. Utility derived from the last unit of a commodity which is being consumed

C. Total utility- Average utility

D. None of the above

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  1. According to Marginalists, the price of any commodity is determined by:
  2. A monopolist is able to maximize his profit when:
  3. If the production increases under decreasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  4. In 1776, a famous book An enquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nation was written by:
  5. A good tends to have relatively inelastic demand, if:
  6. In sweezy model (kinked demand curve model), the role of MC curve:
  7. In measuring price-elasticity:
  8. Average cost curve contains in it:
  9. Demand of a commodity is elastic when:
  10. The marshallian indirect utility function in the form of equation is:
  11. Cross-elasticity of demand is measured as:
  12. Identify the economist who first developed the theory of income determination in its modern form:
  13. The concept of product differentiation was firstly introduced by:
  14. The standard form of demand function is:
  15. The line from the origin to a point on an isoquant shows:
  16. If two goods are complements then indifference curve (IC) will be:
  17. Under perfect competition, at equilibrium, marginal cost is:
  18. If price exceeds AVC but in smaller than AC at the best level of output, the firm is:
  19. According to Diamond Water Paradox diamonds are more expensive than water because:
  20. An individual consumers demand is not determined by:
  21. Of the following commodities, which has the lowest price-elasticity of demand?
  22. Demand for a commodity is elastic when it has
  23. A high value of cross-elasticity indicates that the two commodities are:
  24. Marginal Productivity Theory deals with the theory of:
  25. In the immediate run:
  26. Conditions of perfect competition ensure:
  27. The law of variable proportions comes into being when:
  28. Marginal utility is only meant for:
  29. Dumping is international discriminating:
  30. Change in quantity demanded (expansion and contraction of demand) is: