Marian Diamond known for studies of Einstein's brain, passes away recently. She hailed from which country?

A. Canada

B. Brazil

C. United States

D. Russia

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  1. National Company Law Tribunal has approved the merger of Reliance Communications with _______.
  2. Which nationwide campaign has been launched by the Union Government to protect elephants?
  3. Which Asian country has formally launched its first overseas naval facility in Djibouti, an East African…
  4. Which State government has launched the cloud seeding operation, 'Project Varshadhari'?
  5. Where is the India' s first university in the field of Holistic Education named Dr Vishwanath Karad…
  6. Which Indian Coast Guard Ship was decommissioned with full armed forces honours?
  7. Who has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uber?
  8. Which day is observed as Nagasaki Day?
  9. Durgama Anchalare Malaria Nirakaran" (DAMON), a special programme to prevent the spread of malaria will…
  10. Santosh Mohan Dev who dies at the age of 83 is a?
  11. Which country has launched its climate-smart snow leopard landscape management plan?
  12. Which Bank has launched an Aadhaar-based integrated outward forex remittance solution for both customers…
  13. Name the Indian professional boxer outslugged his Chinese opponent Zulpikar Maimaitiali to retain the…
  14. Which football Club honoured Former Indian Hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay with 'Bharat Gaurav'?
  15. Which of the following has launched Mentor India Campaign, an initiative to engage leaders who can guide…
  16. Who among the following resigned as president of the Nagaur District Association, marking an end to…
  17. Which right is declared as the Fundamental Right recently by the Supreme Court?
  18. According to RBI, Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank and Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank recorded net profit…
  19. Which state former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing Passes Away recently?
  20. An all-women team of researchers from which IIT has developed a new drug delivery platform using nanoparticles?
  21. Marian Diamond known for studies of Einstein's brain, passes away recently. She hailed from which country?
  22. The Ministry of Culture organized the Sankalp Se Siddhi Programme in _______ .
  23. For Which issue 10th India-European Union Counter meeting took place recently?
  24. Which country won the U-15 SAFF Football Championship recently?
  25. Sitaram Panchal, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?
  26. Who won the Gold of the men's doubles event at the Bulgaria Open Table Tennis in Panagyurishte?
  27. Which of the following ministry has launched a campaign named "Harit Diwali, Swasth Diwali" urging people…
  28. Which ministry sets up Task Force on Artificial Intelligence recently?
  29. Which former RBI governor has authored the book "I Do What I Do" ?
  30. How many medals were won by India at the World Police & Fire Games in Los Angeles?