Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.
A. PeriplanetaI. Hepatic caecae americana
B. A ring of 6-8 blindII. Phylum arthropoda tubules
C. Vascular systemIII. Spiracles
D. 10 pairs of smallIV. Malpighian tubules holes
E. ExcretionV. Open type

A. A I; B II; C III; D IV; E V

B. A II; B I; C V; D III; E IV

C. A II; B I; C III; D V; E IV

D. A III; B IV; C II; D V; E I

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  1. Male cockroach can be identified from the female by the presence of
  2. Select the correct statement regarding Periplaneta americana
  3. Mast cells are associated with
  4. Gizzard (proventriculus) in cockroach lies between
  5. Epithelial tissue is distinguished from connective tissue, muscular, or nervous tissue by its
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  8. Muscle tissue cells are contractile, which means they
  9. In cockroach head can move in all directions due to
  10. The shape of a persons ear is due to mainly to
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  15. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA. PeriplanetaI. Hepatic…
  16. Compound squamous epithelium is found in
  17. Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding cuboidal epithelium ?
  18. Which one of the following pairs of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other types of cell ?
  19. The kind of epithelium which forms the inner walls of blood vessels is
  20. The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of
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  24. The frog never drinks water but absorbs it through one of its respiratory organ. Identify the organ.
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  27. Smooth muscles are______.
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  29. The following figures A, B and C are types of muscle tissue. Identify A, B and C.
  30. Lack of blood supply and presence of the noncellular basement membrane are the characteristics of the