Match the characters given in column I with their examples given in column II.
Column IColumn II
A. Long slender thread(i) Lichen like structures
B. Association of fungi with(ii) Mycorrhiza roots of higher plants
C. Parasitic fungi on mustard(iii) Neurospora
D. Fungi extensively used in(iv) Albugo biochemical and genetic work
E. An association in which(v) Hyphae algal component is called phycobiont

A. A-(v) B-(ii) C-(iv) D-(iii) E-(i)

B. A-(iii) B-(i) C-(iv) D-(ii) E-(v)

C. A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iii) D-(v) E-(iv)

D. A-(iii) B-(ii) C-(iv) D-(i) E-(v)

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