What is the correct answer?


Match the features given in column I with their examples given in column II and choose the correct match from the option given below.
A. Pseudocoelomatesa. Hydra, Adamsia
B. Diploblasticb. Ctenoplana, Aurelia
C. Cellular level ofc. Ascaris, Wuchereria organization
D. Radial symmetryd. Sycon, Spongilla
E. Metamerisme. Pheretima, Neries

A. A - e, B - b, C - d, D - c, E - a

B. A - c, B - a, C - d, D - b, E - e

C. A - b, B - a, C - c, D - e, E - d

D. A - c, B - b, C - d, D - a, E - e

Correct Answer :

B. A - c, B - a, C - d, D - b, E - e

A - c; B - a; C - d; D - b; E - e Pseudocoelomates represent a group of invertebrates with a three-layered body that has a fluid-filled body cavity called pseudocoelom. Eg, roundworms, rotifers. Diploblastic animals are with two germ layers - ectoderm and endoderm, eg, cnidaria. In cellular level of organization, the cells are arranged as loose cell aggregates, eg, porifera. In radial symmetry, symmetrical arrangement of parts of an organism is around a single main axis, so that the organism can be divided into similar halves by any plane that contains the main axis. The body plans of echinoderms, ctenophores, cnidarians, and many sponges and sea anemones show radial symmetry. Metamerism is the phenomenon of having a linear series of body segments fundamentally similar in structure, Example, annelida.

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