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What is the correct answer?


Match the terms given in column I with their features given in column II and choose the correct option.
A. Fibres(i) Cells are living and thin walled with cellulosic cell wall, store food materials in the form of starch or fat
B. Sclereids(ii) Main water conductive cells of the pteridophytes and the gymnosperms
C. Tracheids(iii) Thick walled, elongated and pointed cells, generally occurring in groups
D. Vessels(iv) Long cylindrical tube like structure and cells are devoid of protoplasm. Characteristic feature of angiosperms
E. Xylem parenchyma(v) Reduced form of sclerenchyma cells with highly thickened lignified cellular walls that form small bundles of durable layers of tissue in most plants.

A. A - (i), B - (ii), C - (iii), D - (iv), E - (v)

B. A - (iii), B - (v), C - (ii), D - (iv), E - (i)

C. A - (iii), B - (i), C - (v), D - (ii), E - (iv)

D. A - (v), B - (iv), C - (iii), D - (i), E - (ii)