Matching colmun I with column II and choose the correct option.
Column IColumn II
A. ColeorhizaI. Grapes
B. Food storing tissueII. Mango
C. Parthenocarpic fruitIII. Maize
D. Single seeded fruitIV. Radicle developing from monocarpellary superior ovary
E. MembranousV. Endosperm seed coat

A. A III, B I, C IV, D II, E V

B. A IV, B II, C V, D I, E III

C. A V, B I, C III, D IV, E II

D. A IV, B V, C I, D II, E III

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  1. Which one of the following characteristics is not related to gynoecium?
  2. The flower is the reproductive unit in the ___________ meant for ___________ reproduction.
  3. Stilt roots occur in __________ .
  4. Identify the different types of aestivation (A, B, C and D) in corolla and select the correct option. 
  5. Statement-1 : Ginger has a prostrate-growing rhizome.Statement-2 : Shoot growth is not effected by gravity.
  6. The root differs from stem in having
  7. In flower (X), the gynoecium occupies the highest position while the other parts are situated below…
  8. Roots develop from parts of the plant other than radicle are called
  9. The given figure shows a typical structure of monocotyledonous seeds. Identify A, B, C, D and E parts…
  10. Study the following statements and select the correct optionBuds are present in axil of leaflets of…
  11. A branch in which each node bearing a rossette of leaves and a tuft of roots is found in aquatic plants…
  12. Floral features are chiefly used in angiosperms identification because
  13. How many plants in the list given below have marginal placentation? MustardGramTulipAsparagusArharSunhempChilliColchicineOnionMoongPeaTobaccoLupin
  14. Match the following placentation types given in column I with their examples given in column II and…
  15. Which type of function is performed by the fleshy leaves of onion and garlic?
  16. Which of the following statement(s) is /are correct?Many plants belong to family fabaceae are good ornamentals…
  17. Match column I with column II and choose the correct combination from the options given below. (Position…
  18. In which of the following plants, a slender lateral branch arises from the base of the main axis and…
  19. Pollen grains are produced within _________of stamen.
  20. Leaves of dicotyledonous plants possess _________ venation, while _________ venation is the characteristic…
  21. Pneumatophores are found in
  22. The part of the root which is most active in water absorption is called
  23. Which part of plant is generally green when young and later often become woody and dark brown?
  24. Which one of the following characteristics does not belong to parietal placentation?
  25. Identify the correct families of the given plant species (A, B and C) 
  26. The main function(s) of root system is/are
  27. Which of the following represents the floral characters of liliaceae?
  28. A sterile stamen is known as
  29. The region of the root-tip which is involved in the formation of root hairs by epidermal cells is called…
  30. Fibrous root system is found in