What is the correct answer?


Matching colmun I with column II and choose the correct option.
Column IColumn II
A. ColeorhizaI. Grapes
B. Food storing tissueII. Mango
C. Parthenocarpic fruitIII. Maize
D. Single seeded fruitIV. Radicle developing from monocarpellary superior ovary
E. MembranousV. Endosperm seed coat

A. A III, B I, C IV, D II, E V

B. A IV, B II, C V, D I, E III

C. A V, B I, C III, D IV, E II

D. A IV, B V, C I, D II, E III

Correct Answer :

D. A IV, B V, C I, D II, E III

Coleorhiza is the sheath that envelops the radicle in certain plants and that is penetrated by the root in germination. Endosperm is the part of a seed which acts as a food store for the developing plant embryo, usually containing starch with protein and other nutrients. Grape is a parthenocarpic fruit. Parthenocarpic fruit is formed without the fertilization of the ovary. Mango is a single seeded fruit developing from monocarpellary superior ovary. Maize is a membranous seed coat.

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