Material of construction of foundry crucible is

A. Lead

B. Stainless steel

C. Graphite

D. Cast iron

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  1. While the oxy-acetylene flame produces a temperature of 3200°C, the temperature produced by oxy-hydrogen…
  2. Sub zero treatment of steel is done to
  3. Pick out the correct statement.
  4. __________ is not used as a material of construction in thermocouples.
  5. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.
  6. Gantt charts are used for streamlining the
  7. A furnace is made of a refractory brick wall of thickness 0.5 metre and thermal conductivity 0.7 W/m.°K…
  8. Cementite is in the lamellar form in the __________ phase of steel.
  9. Wrought iron does not have
  10. High relative humidity decreases the evaporative process and as the temperature is increased, the relative…
  11. Steels with high carbon equivalent have poor Weldability, because in these steels during welding
  12. The ratio of thermal & electrical conductivity is same for all the metals at the same temperature; and…
  13. High endurance limit of carburised machine parts is because of the fact that carburisation
  14. In TIG welding, thoriated tungsten electrodes are used, because it
  15. More than 95% of __________ is present in corundum.
  16. Viscoelastic behaviour is observed in __________ materials.
  17. A polymer is termed as an 'elastomer', if its percentage elongation is more than 100%. An elastomer…
  18. Case hardening of a material is
  19. Speisses is a mixture of the following:
  20. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  21. In an eutectic system, two elements are completely
  22. Absolute zero pressure can be attained at a temperature of
  23. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  24. Often earing defects are found during deep drawing operation, because the
  25. Water flow in the river during flood can be categorised as the __________ flow.
  26. Even though heat transfer co-efficient in boiling liquids is large, use of fins is advantageous, when…
  27. The material used for coating the welding electrode is termed as the
  28. Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of
  29. The Al2O3 content of cryolite in Hall- Heroult cell is maintained between __________ percent.
  30. Factor of safety is the ratio of the __________ stress to the working stress.