Maximum work is done in compressing air when the compression is

A. Isothermal

B. Adiabatic

C. Polytropic

D. None of the above

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  1. In the cross compounding of the gas turbine plant
  2. Gas turbines use following type of air compressor
  3. Atmospheric pressure is 1.03 kg/cm and vapour pressure is 0.03 kg/cm. The air pressure will be
  4. Phenomenon of choking in compressor means
  5. In a jet propulsion unit, the products of combustion after passing through the gas turbine are discharged…
  6. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
  7. Axial flow compressor resembles
  8. The ratio of the net work obtained from the gas turbine plant to the turbine work is known as
  9. The volumetric efficiency of compressor with increase in compression ratio will
  10. Gas turbines for power generation are normally used
  11. Reheating in gas turbine results in
  12. For an irreversible gas turbine cycle, the efficiency and work ratio both depend on
  13. There is a certain pressure ratio (optimum) for a gas turbine at which its thermal efficiency is maximum.…
  14. The ratio of workdone per cycle to the stroke volume of the compressor is known as
  15. When the outlet angle from the rotor of a centrifugal compressor is more than 90°, then the blades…
  16. The maximum compression ratio in an actual single stage axial flow compressor is of the order of
  17. The thermal efficiency of a gas turbine as compared to a diesel plant is
  18. In an axial flow compressor, the ratio of pressure in the rotor blades to the pressure rise in the compressor…
  19. In the axial flow gas turbine, the work ratio is the ratio of
  20. A closed cycle gas turbine gives ________ efficiency as compared to an open cycle gas turbine.
  21. Maximum delivery pressure is a rotary air compressor is of the order of
  22. A rocket engine uses ________ for the combustion of its fuel.
  23. Producer gas is produced by
  24. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  25. The ratio of the discharge pressure to the inlet pressure of air is called
  26. The ratio of the indicated power to the shaft power or brake power of the motor or engine required to…
  27. Which is false statement about multistage compression?
  28. The stagnation pressure rise in a centrifugal compressor takes place
  29. Euler's equation can be used for
  30. The main purpose of reheating in gas turbine is to