Mho's scale of hardness, which consists of 10 standard minerals is used for the measurement of __________ hardness.

A. Scratch

B. Indentation

C. Dynamic

D. Rebound

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  1. Annealing of cast iron
  2. The bolt is subjected to __________ when the nut is tightened by putting the washer beneath it.
  3. Difference at any instant between the value of the controlled variable and the set point is called the
  4. __________ is not used as the control rod material in a nuclear reactor.
  5. Electrochemical corrosion can occur, only if __________ is present in contact with metal.
  6. If the demand for an item is trebled and the order cost is reduced to one third, then the economic order…
  7. Lead is poured into the joint between two- __________ pipes.
  8. For the Stoke's law to be valid in the case of a falling sphere in a fluid, the
  9. A polymer is termed as an 'elastomer', if its percentage elongation is more than 100%. An elastomer…
  10. The maximum thickness of the metal which can be welded using ultrasonic welding is __________ mm.
  11. Batch process is preferred over continuous process, when the
  12. One face of a furnace wall is at 1030°C and the other face is exposed to room temperature (30°C).…
  13. Dowtherm is a
  14. The burnout heat flux in the nucleate boiling regime is not a function of the
  15. Speisses is a mixture of the following:
  16. Ganister contains maximum percentage of
  17. With increase in temperature, the surface tension of water
  18. __________ is the process used for setting up compressive stresses in the surface of a metal to improve…
  19. The stress at which extension of the material takes place more rapidly as compared to the increase in…
  20. __________ cannot increase the fatigue strength of a material.
  21. Which of the following represents the correct time-temperature curve when a block of metal is heated…
  22. Resistance of an electrical conductor is proportional to its (where, l = length and A = cross-sectional…
  23. The temperature at which the magnetic property of iron disappears (i.e., it becomes non-magnetic) and…
  24. Increasing sulphur content in pig iron tends to make it
  25. Increasing the carbon content of steel
  26. Factor of safety is the ratio of the __________ stress to the working stress.
  27. In case of condensers & evaporators operating under given terminal conditions, LMTD (logarithmic mean…
  28. Elimination of brittleness resulting from welding of saw blades is done by __________ of the welded…
  29. Which of the following can be manufactured using powder metallurgy techniques?
  30. To counteract the bad effects of strain hardening on a cold formed part, it must be