Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Com-pany is

A. 7

B. 10

C. 12

D. 17

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  1. Corrosion of metals cannot be prevented by its
  2. The activity of pure hydrogen gas at 1000°C and 5 atm pressure
  3. Which of the following represents the correct time-temperature curve when a block of metal is heated…
  4. Auto collimator is used to check
  5. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  6. Wrought iron does not have
  7. __________ cannot increase the fatigue strength of a material.
  8. The bolt is subjected to __________ when the nut is tightened by putting the washer beneath it.
  9. Dies for wire drawing are generally made of
  10. The surface tension of a liquid, at critical temperature is
  11. Heat transfer by __________ is almost absent in case of fluidised bed drying operation.
  12. Sub zero treatment of steel is done to
  13. Diffusion co-efficient of a metal in a solid solution depends upon its
  14. Force between the molecules of the same substance is called __________ force.
  15. The malleability of a material is the property by virtue of which it can be rolled or hammered into…
  16. Earing is a defect found in steels after the following metal working operation.
  17. A highly elastic material is deformed least on loading and retains its original form on removal of the…
  18. What is the critical radius of insulation (cms) for a metallic cylinder, if the convective heat transfer…
  19. Heat transfer to the water wall in a high pressure water wall type boiler furnace is mainly by
  20. Which of the following is not a dielectric material?
  21. Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about
  22. For a first order chemical reaction, the concentration of the reactant decreases __________ with time.
  23. at 1173E; at equilibrium, what will be the number of moles of CO gas required to reduce one mole of…
  24. A common disinfectant used in village wells for disinfection of water is
  25. The rolling process cannot be used to produce
  26. Out of the following __________ iron has the best capability to bear sudden & excessive shocks.
  27. Fine grained steels have
  28. __________ fluid force is not considered in the Navier-Stokes equation.
  29. Heating the Hypo-eutectoid steels to 30°C above the upper critical temperature line, soaking at…
  30. On decreasing the grain size of a polycrystalline material, the property most likely to deteriorate…