Model United Nations (MUN) Regional Conference is being held at which city?

A. Paris

B. New Delhi

C. Beijing

D. Kathmandu

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  1. What is the App launched by Govt to allow consumers verify accurate tax rate?
  2. Okinoshima, men only island gets UNESCO Heritage tag. In which country it is located?
  3. Newly appointed NDRF chief Sanjay Kumar is DGP of which state?
  4. Gelati Monastery of which was removed from the List of World Heritage in Danger?
  5. What is the name of the new tax payer service module launched by Union Finance Govt?
  6. Which state has became the first state to make social boycott?
  7. Who are the two Indian-Americans to be honoured with Great Immigrants award 2017?
  8. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a company registered under the which Act?
  9. Who is the present Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy…
  10. In which year Fino Paytech was founded?
  11. In 'MRP', M stands for?
  12. India grants USD 500000 aid to which country to fight ISIS?
  13. Germany defeated which country to win Confederations Cup Title?
  14. To eliminate which infectious disease Union Health Minister launches National Strategic Plan?
  15. Which state has became India's first state to fix minimum educational qualification for cooperative…
  16. Who has been appointed as Chief Digital Officer of Tata Sons?
  17. Which is the last state to pass the GST bill in the country?
  18. While Delhi became the second state, which state is the first state to launch online RTI platform?
  19. Which state government has launched the 'Elevate 100' scheme to identify and nurture innovative start-ups?
  20. Growth of eight core sectors slowed to 3.6 % in which Month?
  21. Which edition of Theatre Olympics will be held in India in 2018?
  22. Which country tops OECD list which presents an index of countries that trust their governmants the most?
  23. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) belongs to which country?
  24. With which state govt Ministry of Health signs MoU to set up a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence…
  25. Recently Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launched CTSE scheme. In CTSE, 'E' stands for?
  26. UNESCO added Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site in the World Heritage List. Valongo Wharf Archaeological…
  27. Asian Athletics Championship 2017 was held in which state?
  28. Which state police will be the first state police in India who will get 'super cop belt'?
  29. Since 2012 Google has been the most aggressive buyer in this space with how many acquisitions?
  30. Which country successfully test fires 'Nasr', a short-range ballistic missile?