Combine the following simple sentences into a compound sentence.

Mohan is industrious. He is very particular in his work.

A. Mohan is very particular in his work as he is industrious.

B. Mohan is not only industrious but also very particular in his work.

C. Mohan is industrious and particular in his work.

D. Mohan is industrious as well as particular in his work.

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  1. Separate: She wanted to educate her son. She sent him to London. Combined: She sent her son to London…
  2. Get inside. You may catch cold.
  3. He is snobbish. I like him.
  4. I dont know any of the men. They live here.
  5. There was little hope of success. She tried hard.
  6. The fact is. Nisha has not qualified the test.
  7. Ani speaks English. She also speaks French.
  8. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  9. She kept on asking. When will her mother return?
  10. It was midnight. The trains collided then.
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  20. He settled in Nagpur. He was born there.
  21. Her younger brother is in Canada. He is a lecturer at a prestigious University.
  22. The servant mopped the room; she found a wallet lying in the corner.
  23. Please listen. Your teacher is telling something.
  24. Mohan is industrious. He is very particular in his work.
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  27. His father retired last year. He has been idle from that time.
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