In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

Mohans career has taken some __________ twists and turns.

A. incentive

B. interesting

C. interactive

D. intuitive

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  1. Unpredictable __________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any ___________.
  2. Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly _________ all her uncles money.
  3. There are different and ________ versions about what happened in the city, but one thing is certain.…
  4. ______________ his being innocent of the crime, the judge sentenced him to one year imprisonment.
  5. She had a terrible night caused by a(n)_____ during her sleep.
  6. The new government took __________ last year.
  7. Undoubtedly, English is the most___spoken language in the world today.
  8. The present Constitution will see ___________ amendments but its basic structure will survive.
  9. Shanku was born_____ a silver spoon in his mouth and was very proud of his wealth.
  10. Education is central because electronic networks and software-driven technologies are beginning to ___________…
  11. The _______ of criminalisation of politics needs to be _________ far more seriously.
  12. Their ____ to scale the mountain peak was an absolute failure.
  13. Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire_____ only with a few.
  14. The Director pointed out in favour of the manager that the profitability of the plant had _____ since…
  15. Drawing attention to the pitfalls of _________ solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors, Indian…
  16. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  17. Cellular phone service has______ in a new phase of communication.
  18. Precautions are to be taken with any one who seems ______.
  19. I am fully _________ the problems facing the industry.
  20. The flood of brilliant ideas has not only ___ us, but has also encouraged us to ___ the last date for…
  21. He lost confidence and _________ of the deal at the last minute.
  22. A growing number of these expert professionals ___________ having to train foreigners as the students…
  23. A child is the future of a family _________ nation.
  24. The window of our room ____ he rear.
  25. Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___________ to other news agencies.
  26. As navigators, calendar makers, and other _________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary,…
  27. His fears were explicitly betrayed by his______ voice.
  28. Real friends, genuinely wanting the best for the organisation, ___________ different garbs.
  29. He became the Governor of a Province_____.
  30. What are you _________ in the kitchen cupboard?