Most of the domestic refrigerators work on the following refrigeration system

A. Vapour compression

B. Vapour absorption

C. Carnot cycle

D. Electrolux refrigerator

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  1. Accumulators should have adequate volume to store refrigerant charge at least
  2. The freezing point of sulphur dioxide is
  3. One ton of refrigeration is equal to the refrigeration effect corresponding to melting of 1000 kg of…
  4. A pressure gauge on the discharge side of a refrigerant compressor reads too high. The reasons will…
  5. The minimum temperature to which water can be cooled in a cooling tower is
  6. The temperature of ammonia after compression in a vapour compression system is
  7. The relative humidity lines on a psychrometric chart are
  8. On the pressure-enthalpy diagram, condensation and desuperheating is represented by a horizontal line…
  9. Ammonia is
  10. The ratio of the actual mass of water vapour in a unit mass of dry air to the mass of water vapour in…
  11. The relative coefficient of performance is
  12. The operating pressure for refrigerating units using R-12 as a refrigerant is
  13. The unit of thermal diffusivity is
  14. The vertical and uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates
  15. Pick up the wrong statement. A refrigerant should have
  16. The lower horizontal line of the refrigeration cycle plotted on pressure-enthalpy diagram represents
  17. In a psychrometric chart, specific humidity (moisture content) lines are
  18. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature
  19. The difference between dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature, is called
  20. The sensible heat factor during the heating and humidification process is given by (where h₁…
  21. The pressure at the outlet of a refrigerant compressor is called
  22. The coefficient of performance of a domestic refrigerator is ________ as compared to a domestic air-conditioner.
  23. The lowest temperature during the cycle in a vapour compression system occurs after
  24. The temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when it is not affected by the moisture present in…
  25. The dehumidification process, on the psychrometric chart, is shown by
  26. Which of the following refrigerants has lowest freezing point?
  27. The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the refrigerant effect to the
  28. Carbon dioxide is
  29. The power per tonne of refrigeration is
  30. Cooling water is required for following equipment in ammonia absorption plant