Directions: These questions are based on the price fluctuations of four commodities - arhar, pepper, sugar and gold during February - July 1999 as described in the figures below:

What is the correct answer?


Mr.X, a funds manager with an investment company invested 25% of his funds in each of the four commodities at the beginning of the period. He sold the commodities at the end of the period. His investments in the commodities resulted in:

A. 17% profit

B. 5.5% loss

C. no profit, no loss

D. 3% profit

Correct Answer :

D. 3% profit

As we did in question no 145 again we need to find the price change for each of them, we did in question number 145, For Arhar 25%, pepper = 4%, sugar = 0.35 and that for gold = 7.7% Hence total profit percentage is the average of of all these = [25 + 4 0.35 7.7]/4 = 5.1% the approximate value is 3%

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