Name the Bollywood Actress, who has been bagged Dadasaheb Phalke Award, recently?

A. Anushka Sharma

B. Priyanka Chopra

C. Katrina Kaif

D. None

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  1. State the day, on which we celebrated National Technology Day every year?
  2. Name the place, in which the researchers discovered glass frog, recently?
  3. Name the country, which was the second largest steel producer in the World by ISSF?
  4. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Netherlands, recently?
  5. Name the football Club, which has been won 2016-17 UEFA Europe League Title, recently?
  6. Name the person, who has been appointed as Defence Secretary, recently?
  7. Name the Indian Scientist, who has been won Dan David Prize 2017, recently?
  8. Name the person, who has been got kendra Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, recently?
  9. Which portal was launched the government of India for online document verification, recently?
  10. Name the Indian cricketer, who has been placed in top 10 of ICC ODI rankings, recently?
  11. State the day, on which we observed International Fire Fighters day, every year?
  12. Name the person, who has been dismissal by Trump as FBI director, recently?
  13. State the date, on which Real Estate Regulatory Act come into force, recently?
  14. In India, the first ever labour day celebrated in which city?
  15. Name the first woman Judge of Delhi High Court, who has been passed away on 6 May, 2017?
  16. State the no. of agreements India and palestine inked in New Delhi, recently?
  17. What is the Position of India, health care Index in Lancet Medical Journal's report?
  18. State the day, on which US Space X launches intelligence mission on Falcon 9?
  19. Name the Indian Actor, who has been appointed as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Hepatitis?
  20. Name the Organization, which has been banned open defection, waste dumping on Yamuna Flood Plains?
  21. Name the state, which was first to switch to January - December fiscal year, recently?
  22. Name the American humorist, who has been won Mark Twain Prize 2017, recently?
  23. Name the State in India, which has been to start country's first ornamental fish park?
  24. Name the Indian girl, who has been won the 2 gold medals in the first Asia level Yoga Competition?
  25. Name the country, who has been won the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey tournament, recently?
  26. Name the person, who has been appointed as Secretary of Department of Telecommunications?
  27. Name the person who has been appointed as new Chancellor to Jawaharlal Nehru University, recently?
  28. Name the person, who has been appointed as New Controller General of Accounts, in India?
  29. Name the person, who has been presented, presidential Awards for classical Tamil, recently?
  30. Name the social Worker, who has been conferred the 2017 Avvaiyar Award by CM K. Palaniswami, recently?