Name the cheapest respiratory filter, which has been developed by IIt Delhi, recently?

A. Naso filters

B. Gaso filters

C. Naso breathers

D. Gaso breathers

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  1. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairman for Telangana Sahitya Academy, recently?
  2. Name the person, who has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities?
  3. Name the Person, who has been resigned as Nepal Prime Minister, recently?
  4. Name the senior bureaucrat, who has been appointed as new Secretary of CBSE, recently?
  5. What is the Position of India, health care Index in Lancet Medical Journal's report?
  6. Name the place in Chhattisgarh, to which the CRPF Command Shifted from Kolkata to it?
  7. Name the Britain Duke, who has announced to step down from Royal Engagements?
  8. Name the person who has been appointed as new Chancellor to Jawaharlal Nehru University, recently?
  9. Name the state, which was first to switch to January - December fiscal year, recently?
  10. Name the country, which has to be first in World to run all govt ports on green energy?
  11. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated The Highway Saga, SRISHTI exhibitions on 3rd May,…
  12. Name the senior NCP leader, who has been passed away after prolonged illness, recently?
  13. Name the person, who has been got kendra Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, recently?
  14. Name the student from India, who has been selected for the FIFA Programme in Russia?
  15. Name the Airport in AP, which has been became International Airport, recently?
  16. What is the height of the National Flag Post, which was Inaugurated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, recently?
  17. Name the Union Ministry, who has been launched a new app for Central Armed Police Forces, recently?
  18. Name the Union Territory, which has been presented tax - free budget for fiscal 2017-18, recently?
  19. Name the Woman Police Officer, who has been appointed as Gujarat's First Woman Police Chief?
  20. Name the Indian Boxer, who has been won the silver in Asian Boxing Championship, recently?
  21. Name the Organization, who has been hosted book fairs in Panchayats of India wide?
  22. State the medals, which were India Claimed at World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Beijing, recently?
  23. Name the Woman, who has been became first Indian woman to conquer Mt. Everest twice within 5 days?
  24. Name the person who has been appointed as new ambassador to France, recently?
  25. Name the place in which the 70th World Health Assembly was held, recently?
  26. Name the state, in which India's first Private sector small arms manufacturing Plant inaugurated, recently?
  27. Name the person, who has been won 2016 Wisden- MCC Cricket Photograph of the year Award recently?
  28. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Netherlands, recently?
  29. Name the Veteran Telugu Film Maker, who has been died 30 May, 2017?
  30. Name the satellite, which has been launched India for the Purpose of South Asian Countries?