Name the city police, who have been received FICCI smart policing award 2017, recently?

A. Jharkhand

B. Raypur

C. Pune

D. Bengaluru

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  1. Name the Woman Police Officer, who has been appointed as Gujarat's First Woman Police Chief?
  2. State the place of Taj Mahal, in World's top 10 global landmarks?
  3. Name the person who has been elected for Britain Independent Fellowship 2017, recently?
  4. Name the person, who has been appointed CII new President, recently?
  5. Name the State, in which the Police Public Schools will be set up soon?
  6. Name the person, who has been laid the foundation stone for IARI at Gogamukh, Assam?
  7. State the India rank, in which World Bank Powerlist recently released?
  8. Name the Indian film, which has been become first Indian movie to cross Rs.1000 cr at box office, recently?
  9. Name the port trust of India, which has been bagged two best performance awards, recently?
  10. Name the Plan, which has announced by Rajnath Singh to tackle of left wing Extremism, recently?
  11. Name the place, in which the 70th World Health Assembly Opened on 22 May 2017?
  12. Name the cheapest respiratory filter, which has been developed by IIt Delhi, recently?
  13. Name the state, which was started a scheme of subsidised rates of Rs. 5 breakfast and Rs.10 full meal…
  14. Name the BSF officer, who has been climbed the Mount Everest a record of 6 times?
  15. State the date, on which Real Estate Regulatory Act come into force, recently?
  16. Name the American humorist, who has been won Mark Twain Prize 2017, recently?
  17. Name the Indian origin girl, who has been scored 162 points in Britain's Mensa IQ test?
  18. Name the Indian Actor, who has been appointed as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Hepatitis?
  19. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched BSNL's Satellite Phone service, recently?
  20. Name the person, who has been appointed as Secretary of Department of Telecommunications?
  21. By what technology, IIT Kharagpur developed new pollution free, Biofuel, recently?
  22. Name the country, in which first startup India Summit to be held?
  23. Name the senior IAS Officer, who has been took charge as Defence Secretary, recently?
  24. Who has been unveiled the World's first Philosophical book on God, recently?
  25. Name the Indian Professor, who has been bagged INSA Young Scientist Award, recently?
  26. Name the surface to air missile which has been test fired on 11 May, 2017 by India?
  27. Name the badminton team, which has been won in 2017's Sudirman Cup, recently?
  28. Name the Indian American, who has been nominated US Court of Appeals, recently?
  29. Name the Indian City, which has been 2nd place in World's most Crowded cities?
  30. Name Indian Steel company, which has been signed steel supply deal with Australian steel group Arrium?