Name the country, which has been opened its Honorary Consulate in Chennai, recently?

A. Kazakhstan

B. Pakistan

C. Bangladesh

D. None

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  1. What is the full form of GST?
  2. Name the Grade of Fuel, which was Government officially launched across the India, recently?
  3. Name the place, in which Northeast India's Largest IT Hub opened, recently?
  4. Name the former AP Minister, who has been died at the age of 63 by cardiac arrest, recently?
  5. Name the Hindustani, classical vocalist, who has been passed away 3rd April 2017?
  6. Name the city, in which the Union Cabinet has give its approval for setting up of Indian Institute of…
  7. Name the tennis (duo) Players, who have won the Monte Carlo Masters Doubles Title 2017, recently?
  8. Name the person, who has been elected as New President of Serbia, recently?
  9. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Aadhaar Seedling Application in New Delhi, recently?
  10. Name the minister, who has been launched a new rail coach with a glass roof, GPS, recently?
  11. State the week, which was observed globally World Immunization week, 2017?
  12. Name the patrol team, which has been planned to check pollution in Holy Ganga River?
  13. Name the Bangladesh P.M. who has visited India from 7 th to 10 th April, 2007?
  14. Name the person, who has been received Padma Shri Award, at the age of 91 years?
  15. Name the former Union Minister, who has been passed away after suffering with heart attack, recently?
  16. Name the missile, which has been successfully test-fired India on 27th April 2017?
  17. Name the Indian Cricketer, who has been named wisden's leading cricketer in the world for 2016?
  18. Name the Indo American pair, who has won Tally Challenger Doubles Title, recently?
  19. Name the University, which has to be set up in Uttarpradesh for Divyangs?
  20. Name the F1 Driver, who has won the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, recently?
  21. Name the state, which will to provide Rs.21,000 to families for third girl child?
  22. Name the operation, which has been launched Income Tax Department, recently?
  23. Name the games, which will be featured in the 2022 Asian Games in China?
  24. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Test & Treat Policy for HIV Patients, recently?
  25. Name the veteran film maker, who has been won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for 2016?
  26. Name the person, who has been honoured with PC Chandra Puraskar 2017, recently?
  27. Name the person, who has been appointed as Gujarat's First Female DGP, recently?
  28. Which state police has been recently initiated Tare Zammen par for the sake of school Children?
  29. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairman of Nasscom, recently?
  30. Name the app, which was got golden Peacock Award, recently?