Name the documentary based on music maestro AR Rahman's life which was screened at the White House recently?

A. Salam Rahman

B. Music with life

C. Jai Ho

D. With Music 24X7

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  1. Which of the following rivers does not flow in India ?
  2. LPG stands for :
  3. Cactus is referred to as
  4. Who among the following is the Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) of USA at present?
  5. The Kheda Sathyagraha of Gandhiji was in?
  6. Which of the following organisations prepares topographical maps of India?
  7. Who among the following is the winner of Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 2011 ?
  8. Islamabad is the capital of
  9. On which date, The Indian Army day is celebrated?
  10. Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
  11. The process of improving the quality of rubber by heating it with sulphur is called?
  12. Who was recently appointed as the new chairman of National Safety Council?
  13. R Seshasayee was on 5 June 2015 appointed as the non-executive chairman of?
  14. Mauritius recently designated Ameenah Gurib-Fakim as its first woman president. Mauritius is a country…
  15. BCCI has recently appointed which former Indian player to coach the India Under-19 and A teams?
  16. Which of the following is true about the Railway Budget 2012-13 finally passed by the Parliament?
  17. Hemant Sonawala who passed away recently was a pioneer in?
  18. Who was recently appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of state-run National Fertilizers Ltd (NFL)?
  19. Who among the following is a famous cine actor/actress ?
  20. Which of the following books is written by V. S. Naipaul ?
  21. Which of the following awards is given for contribution in the field of literature ?
  22. Indian-origin MP Priti Patel was recently appointed minister of state for employment in which country's…
  23. Who among the following was recently conferred 'Friends of Bangladesh Liberation War Award', for his…
  24. Who was recently appointed as the next Cabinet secretary of the Union government?
  25. The first woman President of Indian National congress was?
  26. Which of the following is not the name of a game played at international level ?
  27. Which of the following statements is correct?
  28. IRCTC stands for :
  29. United States (US) in a landmark decision has recently removed which country from its list of State…
  30. The 50th state of USA?