Name the Indian Actor, who has been appointed as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Hepatitis?

A. Amitabh Bachchan

B. Shahrukh Khan

C. Salman Khan

D. None

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  1. State the date, on which Real Estate Regulatory Act come into force, recently?
  2. State the Day, on which we Observed International Day of Families every years?
  3. Name veteran Bollywood actress, who had been passed away on 18 May 2017?
  4. Name the film, which has been got special Jury Remi Award at International film fest in Houston?
  5. Which city's Police were launched bicycle patrols for better Policing, recently?
  6. Name the Indian American, who has been nominated US Court of Appeals, recently?
  7. Name the person, who has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities?
  8. Name the place in Assam, in which PM Modi laid foundation stone for AIIMS, recently?
  9. Name the person, who has been released book series written by M.S. Swaminathan, recently?
  10. Astronomers have discovered primitive atmosphere around a planet, what is the name of it?
  11. In India, the first ever labour day celebrated in which city?
  12. State the day, on which we celebrate World Metrology Day every year?
  13. Name the new campaign, launched by Union Govt, to promote Sanitation?
  14. Name the community in Odisha State which has been notified as scheduled caste?
  15. Name the person, who has been appointed as Secretary of Department of Telecommunications?
  16. Name the well known Wrestler and dronacharya Awardee, who has been passed away, recently?
  17. State the date, on which US successfully tested intercontinental ballistic missile test, recently?
  18. Name the organization, which has been launched Express Wi-Fi in India, recently?
  19. Name the Indian Professor, who has been bagged INSA Young Scientist Award, recently?
  20. Name the senior Journalist, who has been appointed as Ambassador to Swachh Andhra Mission, recently?
  21. Name the state, which has to introduce boat ambulances in four districts, recently?
  22. Name the Indian Air Marshal, who has been appointed as Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff?
  23. State the day, on which we Observe National Dengue Day every year?
  24. Name the Hyderabad's first Private airline, which was get licence in UDAN scheme, recently?
  25. Name the Village in Mumbai State, which has been won the Smart Village Award, recently?
  26. Name the place in which the 70th World Health Assembly was held, recently?
  27. By what technology, IIT Kharagpur developed new pollution free, Biofuel, recently?
  28. Name the Woman, who has been became first Indian woman to conquer Mt. Everest twice within 5 days?
  29. Name the port trust of India, which has been bagged two best performance awards, recently?
  30. Name the country, which has been inked MoU with Andhra Pradesh to speed up the new capital Amaravati,…