Name the Indian Scientist, who has been won Dan David Prize 2017, recently?

A. Ashoke Sen

B. Aditi Pant

C. Shrinivas Kulkarni

D. None

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  1. Name the Indian driver, who has been became the first Indian to win GP3 Race, at Barcelona?
  2. Name the senior NCP leader, who has been passed away after prolonged illness, recently?
  3. In India, the first ever labour day celebrated in which city?
  4. Name the senior IAS Officer, who has been took charge as Defence Secretary, recently?
  5. State the toll free number of National Contact Center which was launched be Election Commission of India?
  6. Name the person, who has been topped UK's rich list 2017?
  7. Name the Indian Women Opening Pair Sets a new World Record in One-Day International, recently?
  8. With which country's collaboration India is being constructed Bullet train project?
  9. Name the Space Agencies, which were to build Moon Village on the moon base?
  10. Name the Japan Bank, which has been invested Rs. 9,000 crore in Paytm, recently?
  11. Name the Village in Mumbai State, which has been won the Smart Village Award, recently?
  12. State the Govt, which has to declare no school bag day on Saturdays in Govt Schools?
  13. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated country is first bio refinery plant?
  14. Name the Punjab former DGP, who has been named as Punjab Super Cor, recently Died?
  15. Name the BSF officer, who has been climbed the Mount Everest a record of 6 times?
  16. Name the Indian American who has been nominated for the member of FERC, recently?
  17. Name Indian Steel company, which has been signed steel supply deal with Australian steel group Arrium?
  18. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  19. Name the surface to air missile which has been test fired on 11 May, 2017 by India?
  20. Name the senior bureaucrat, who has been appointed as new Secretary of CBSE, recently?
  21. Name the Union Territory, which has been presented tax - free budget for fiscal 2017-18, recently?
  22. Name the Indian cricketer, who has been placed in top 10 of ICC ODI rankings, recently?
  23. Name the Organisation, which has been released the first draft of nuclear ban treaty?
  24. Name the Plan, which has announced by Rajnath Singh to tackle of left wing Extremism, recently?
  25. Name the student from India, who has been selected for the FIFA Programme in Russia?
  26. Name the Hollywood Actor, who has been bagged first ever 'gender less' award?
  27. Name the person, who has been appointed as ICSSR Chief, recently?
  28. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Netherlands, recently?
  29. Name the place, in which the researchers discovered glass frog, recently?
  30. Name the place, in which last dinosaur species discovered recently?