Name the new missile test, which was test fired by North Korea on 15 May, 2017?

A. Hwasong - 5

B. Hwasong - 6

C. Hwasong - 12

D. None

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  1. Name the senior Journalist, who has been appointed as Ambassador to Swachh Andhra Mission, recently?
  2. Name the person, who has been selected for Transformative Chief Minister Award of USIBC, recently?
  3. Name the person, who has been appointed as New Controller General of Accounts, in India?
  4. Name the social Worker, who has been conferred the 2017 Avvaiyar Award by CM K. Palaniswami, recently?
  5. State the medals, which were India Claimed at World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Beijing, recently?
  6. Name the new campaign, launched by Union Govt, to promote Sanitation?
  7. Name the Indian Actor, who has been appointed as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Hepatitis?
  8. Name the person, who has been presented, presidential Awards for classical Tamil, recently?
  9. Name the place, in which the researchers discovered glass frog, recently?
  10. Name the country, which has been inked MoU with Andhra Pradesh to speed up the new capital Amaravati,…
  11. State the day, on which we observed as Ganga Swachhata Sankalp Divas, recently?
  12. Name the state, which was decided to form good morning squads to tackle open defecation in it?
  13. Name the person, who has been presented the Dr. Ambedkar National Awards, recently?
  14. Name the Plan, which has announced by Rajnath Singh to tackle of left wing Extremism, recently?
  15. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  16. Name the senior IAS Officer, who has been took charge as Defence Secretary, recently?
  17. State the no. of birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, on which PM Modi releases stamp on Ramanujacharya?
  18. Name the Punjab former DGP, who has been named as Punjab Super Cor, recently Died?
  19. Name the Indian - American student, who has been won National Geographic Bee Contest, recently?
  20. Name the Indian American, who has been nominated US Court of Appeals, recently?
  21. Name the organization, which has been inked with ISRO for fodder acreage estimation?
  22. Name the country, in which the 2017 NATO Summit was held, recently?
  23. Name the person, who has been bagged Best Director and Best Actress Awards at NYIFF, recently?
  24. Name the Bollywood Actress, who has been bagged Dadasaheb Phalke Award, recently?
  25. Name the country, in which India organized a festival to mark Tagore's 156 birth anniversary?
  26. Name the state, in which India has its first 3 cases of the Zika Virus, recently?
  27. Name the person, who has been appointed as Secretary of Department of Telecommunications?
  28. State the day, on which we observed International Fire Fighters day, every year?
  29. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairman for Telangana Sahitya Academy, recently?
  30. Name football club, which has been won the 38th Federation cup Football Torunament?