Name the person, who has been presented Hindi Sevi Samman Awards on 30 May, 2017?

A. Narendra Modi

B. Amitshaw

C. Pranab Mukherjee

D. None

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  1. State the no. of training institutes to Skill drivers, Union Govt to set up in India?
  2. Name the state, which was decided to form good morning squads to tackle open defecation in it?
  3. Name the Organization, who has been hosted book fairs in Panchayats of India wide?
  4. Name the person, who has been won 2016 Wisden- MCC Cricket Photograph of the year Award recently?
  5. State the date, on which we have been Observed National anti terrorism day?
  6. Name the person, who has been presented Hindi Sevi Samman Awards on 30 May, 2017?
  7. Which city's Police were launched bicycle patrols for better Policing, recently?
  8. Name the senior IAS Officer, who has been took charge as Defence Secretary, recently?
  9. Name the satellite, which has been launched India for the Purpose of South Asian Countries?
  10. Name the person, who has been flagged off country's first E-Vehicle Public Transport recently?
  11. Name the first amputee swimmer, who has been swim across Red Sea, recently?
  12. Name the river, in which India's First Underwater Rail Tunnel Completed, recently?
  13. Name the Union Minister, who has been attend the G-20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meet held in Germany?
  14. Name the Indian film, which has been become first Indian movie to cross Rs.1000 cr at box office, recently?
  15. State the India rank, in which World Bank Powerlist recently released?
  16. Name the State, which has been top in the Public Affairs Index of 2017 released recently?
  17. Name the Formula One racer, who has been won Spanish Grand Prix, recently?
  18. Name the Indian Woman, who has been elected as Councillor to city of London Corporation, recently?
  19. Name the place, In which PM Modi inaugurated patanjali Research Institute, recently?
  20. Name the Veteran Telugu Film Maker, who has been died 30 May, 2017?
  21. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated The Highway Saga, SRISHTI exhibitions on 3rd May,…
  22. Name the place in India, in which ICT4D conference was held recently?
  23. Name Organization, who has to host Asian Junior Tennis Championship 2017?
  24. State the day, on which we Observe National Dengue Day every year?
  25. Name the Indian Former Cricket player, who has been conferred with Fellowship Award in UK, recently?
  26. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairman of Tea Board of India, recently?
  27. Name the Union Territory, which has been presented tax - free budget for fiscal 2017-18, recently?
  28. Name the Village in Mumbai State, which has been won the Smart Village Award, recently?
  29. Name the person, who has been appointed IAMAI Chairman, recently?
  30. Name the Indian young cartoonist, who has been won WWF International President's Awards, recently?