Name the pituitary hormone that regulates sertoli cells

A. Prolactin



D. Oxytocin

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  1. Normal sperm count is
  2. Medical termination of pregnancy is safe till how many weeks of pregnancy?
  3. Pregnancy begins with implantation of
  4. The gonadotropic hormones are secreted by
  5. Third phase of embryo development is ...
  6. Human embryo is referred to as fetus from beginning of
  7. When there is no fertilization, the corpus luteum ...
  8. Which of the following is not a hereditary disease?
  9. The chemical of the ovum that attracts and holds sperm
  10. After fertilization, implantation of human embryo takes place on
  11. Part of sperm that passes into ovum is
  12. Number of chromosomes in secondary oocyte stage in humans is ...
  13. A marriage between man with normal vision and colour blind woman will give birth to
  14. Mammary glands are modification of ...
  15. In human embryo, the digestive system develops from the
  16. Pregnancy is ascertained by
  17. Amniotic fluid protects the foetus from ...
  18. The part of the sperm containing proteolytic enzymes to digest the zona pellucida is the:
  19. Pregnancy test is confirmed by the presence of
  20. Cryptorchidism is ...
  21. Which one is not the function of human placenta
  22. Failure of the brain to grow in the foetus may result in:
  23. Embryonic connective tissue is formed from ..
  24. The number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell is called as
  25. The embryonic stage that resembles a mulberry fruit is
  26. Identical twins are also known as ..
  27. Layers of ovum from outside to inside are .
  28. Which one takes part in formation of placenta? ...
  29. Part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is
  30. Cell division that occurs in zygote is called