Name the place, in which Maharashtra CM inaugurated First Automatic Weather Station, recently?

A. Ahmadabad

B. Jalandhar

C. Nagpur

D. None

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  1. Which state police, have been began No Helmet No Petrol drive, recently?
  2. Name the Health Care replacement bill which has been passed by US House, recently?
  3. State the toll free number of National Contact Center which was launched be Election Commission of India?
  4. Name the first city in the World which has its own Microsoft Font, recently?
  5. Name the Plan, which has announced by Rajnath Singh to tackle of left wing Extremism, recently?
  6. Name the place, in which last dinosaur species discovered recently?
  7. Name the Indian girl, who has been won the 2 gold medals in the first Asia level Yoga Competition?
  8. Name the Indian film, which has been become first Indian movie to cross Rs.1000 cr at box office, recently?
  9. Name the place, In which PM Modi inaugurated patanjali Research Institute, recently?
  10. Name the river, in which India's First Underwater Rail Tunnel Completed, recently?
  11. Name the senior IAS Officer, who has been took charge as Defence Secretary, recently?
  12. State the place of Taj Mahal, in World's top 10 global landmarks?
  13. State the medals, which were India Claimed at World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Beijing, recently?
  14. Name the senior IAS officer, who has been appointed as EO for TTD, recently?
  15. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairman for Telangana Sahitya Academy, recently?
  16. Which country was won all 10 gold medals in South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship?
  17. Name the Formula One racer, who has been won Spanish Grand Prix, recently?
  18. Name the country, who has been made C919 passenger aircraft recently?
  19. Name the country, which has to be first in World to run all govt ports on green energy?
  20. Name the person, who has been flagged off country's first E-Vehicle Public Transport recently?
  21. Name the Union Territory, which has been presented tax - free budget for fiscal 2017-18, recently?
  22. Name the Indian Cricket Player, who has been awarded life membership of MCC, recently?
  23. Name the Indian City, which has been 2nd place in World's most Crowded cities?
  24. Name the state, which was first to switch to January - December fiscal year, recently?
  25. Name the Indian Wrestler, who has been won bronze in Asian Wrestling Championship, recently?
  26. What is the place of Andhra Pradesh in UDAY Scheme?
  27. Name the country, which was to launch its own encyclopedia as a Rival to Wikipedia?
  28. What is the Position of India, health care Index in Lancet Medical Journal's report?
  29. Name the state, in which India's first Private sector small arms manufacturing Plant inaugurated, recently?
  30. Name the community in Odisha State which has been notified as scheduled caste?