Name the robot, which has been First Made in India industrial robot?




D. None

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  1. Name the diplomat, who had been took the charge as New Consul General of Dubai?
  2. Name the Minister, who has been launched Portal and Mobile App for RUSA?
  3. Name the Minister, who has to launch Digital Exhibition on Champaran Satyagraha?
  4. State the day, on which we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, each year?
  5. State the day, on which we celebrate every year The World Malaria Day?
  6. Name the playback singer, who has been got Ghantasala National Award, recently?
  7. Name the Stamps, which have been sold at 500,000 pounds at an auction in UK?
  8. Name the country, which has been opened its Honorary Consulate in Chennai, recently?
  9. State the week, which was observed globally World Immunization week, 2017?
  10. For what picture, Jonathan Demme won Best Director for Oscar?
  11. Name the Space Center, which has been launched the first recycled rocket, recently?
  12. Name the country, which has been abolished work Visa policy 457 used largely by Indians?
  13. Name the person, who has been named the messenger of peace for the United Nations, recently?
  14. Name the Indian Player, who has won the historic Asian Squash Singles Title?
  15. State the day, on which we celebrate International Day of sport for Development and Peace?
  16. Name Women cricket Player, who has been adjudged the Women's player of the year Award, recently?
  17. Name the operation, which has been launched Income Tax Department, recently?
  18. Name the badminton player, who has been won twin crown in Jakarta recently?
  19. Name the eminent Bengal Poet, who has been received 52nd Jnanpith Award by President Pranab Mukherjee,…
  20. Name the CM, who has been banned names of Ministers, MLA's on Inaugural Stones?
  21. State the India's position, in which travel and tourism sector across the World
  22. Name the person, who has been won the 2016 ACM AM Turing Award recently.
  23. Name the person, who been awarded death sentence by Pakistan Military Court, recently?
  24. Name the former Jammu & Kashmir governor died, recently?
  25. State the rank of India, among 41 countries in corruption in business, recently?
  26. Name the former Iranian President, who has been disqualified from running elections in next month?
  27. Name the state Govt, which has been launched Operation Durga, recently?
  28. State the no.of medals India has won at US open Karate Championship held recently?
  29. Name the former Union Minister, who has been passed away after suffering with heart attack, recently?
  30. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Power Tex India Scheme, recently?