Name the Space Agencies, which were to build Moon Village on the moon base?

A. China

B. Europe

C. Both

D. None

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  1. What is the Position of India, health care Index in Lancet Medical Journal's report?
  2. Name the place, In which PM Modi inaugurated patanjali Research Institute, recently?
  3. Name the Village in Manipur, which has been declared as Biodiversity Heritage site, recently?
  4. Name the country, which was the second largest steel producer in the World by ISSF?
  5. Name the state in which its agriculture minister launched e-plant clinics, recently?
  6. Name the person who has been elected for Britain Independent Fellowship 2017, recently?
  7. Name the legendary sitarist, who has been passed away in Karachi, Pakistan recently?
  8. What is the place of Andhra Pradesh in UDAY Scheme?
  9. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Netherlands, recently?
  10. Name the country, which has been blocked 21 media websites in it, recently?
  11. Name the person, who has been got honorary Doctorate degree from Harvard University, recently?
  12. Name the author, who has been wrote the book Winning Like Virat Think and Succeed Like Khloe, recently?
  13. Name the Athlete, who has been broke the men's 400 m national record in Indian Grand Prix, recently?
  14. State the day, on which we Observe National Dengue Day every year?
  15. State the rank of Visakhapatnam, in which Swachh Survekhan - 2017 results?
  16. Name State, in which India's first Village of Books inaugurated, recently?
  17. State the day, on which we celebrated National Technology Day every year?
  18. Name the Indian Javelin Thrower, who has been qualified for London Worlds, recently?
  19. State the medals, which were India Claimed at World Para Athletics Grand Prix, Beijing, recently?
  20. Name the person, who has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities?
  21. State the amount, which was grants for AP Power Project by AIIB, recently?
  22. Name the place in India, in which ICT4D conference was held recently?
  23. State the day, on which we observed International Fire Fighters day, every year?
  24. Name the person who has been appointed as new ambassador to France, recently?
  25. Name the Health Care replacement bill which has been passed by US House, recently?
  26. Name the place, in which the researchers discovered glass frog, recently?
  27. By what technology, IIT Kharagpur developed new pollution free, Biofuel, recently?
  28. Name the Punjab former DGP, who has been named as Punjab Super Cor, recently Died?
  29. Name the Indian young cartoonist, who has been won WWF International President's Awards, recently?
  30. Name the State, which has been announced pension scheme for journalists, recently?