Name the World famous personality, who has been praised PM Modi for Swachh Bharat?

A. Mark Zuckerberg

B. Jeff Bezos

C. Bill Gates

D. None

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  1. Name the missile, which has been successfully test-fired India on 27th April 2017?
  2. Name the State, which has been bagged Krishi Karman Award 2015-2016?
  3. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Aadhaar Seedling Application in New Delhi, recently?
  4. Name the Indian sand artist, who will to compete in Moscow championship, Russia?
  5. State the no. of birth anniversary, which was celebrated through out the India on 14 April, 2017?
  6. State the Day, on which we celebrate every year International Day For Monuments and Sites?
  7. Name the former Bichar Minister, who has been passed away, when he was 100?
  8. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Power Tex India Scheme, recently?
  9. Name the person, who has been received 6th M.S. Swaminathan Award, recently?
  10. Name the new district, which has been formed on 4th April 2017?
  11. Center recently launched a training programme for whose sake it has been launched?
  12. Name the top Maoist leader CPI (M) who has been died in Kolkata, recently?
  13. Name the Indian shot putter, who has been bagged Gold Medal at Asian Grand Prix Meeting China, recently?
  14. Name the place, in which the 1st India, Indonesia Energy Forum was held, recently?
  15. Name the Malayalam Writer, who has been conferred 2016 Sahitya Academy Award, recently?
  16. What is the distance between newly discovered Ice ball planet and Earth?
  17. Name the person, who has been named Asian Business Woman of the Year, recently?
  18. Name the country, which has been opened its Honorary Consulate in Chennai, recently?
  19. Name the Indian Badminton Player, who has been lifted Indian Open Badminton title?
  20. Name the country, which has been in top position of LPG importer?
  21. Name the Bollywood film, which has been honored with best film in Hong Kong International Film Festival,…
  22. Name the State, which has been topped in MGNREGS scheme throughout India?
  23. Name the Indian C.M. Who has been got USIBC Transformative Chief Minister, recently?
  24. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Web Portal 'Bharat Ke Veer', recently?
  25. Name the person, who has been became Instagram's Most followed World Leader?
  26. Name the portal, which has been launched on Survey of India's 250 Anniversary?
  27. Name the country, which has been abolished work Visa policy 457 used largely by Indians?
  28. Name the oldest person, who has been world's oldest Human Being on the earth, recently?
  29. Name the veteran tennis player, who has been won the Miami open 2017 in Florida?
  30. State the date, on which 19th Commonwealth Forestry Conference 2017 began, recently?