Nephantis is popularly called

A. coconut caterpillar

B. brown plant hopper

C. tobacco caterpillar

D. pulse beetle

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  1. The mouth of a river opening into the sea is termed as
  2. Tuberculosis is caused by
  3. The universal donor belongs to blood group
  4. The genetic code DNA is carried from the nucleus to Ribosome by
  5. Lecuminous plants are recommended for rotation of crops because they
  6. Vivipary is defined as germination
  7. Oxygen transport is a function of
  8. Dr Khorana's work relates to
  9. Organisms that live in the deep sea are mainly
  10. Insulin is produced in the human body by the
  11. Insects that make a clicking sound are
  12. Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalising his blood…
  13. Hydrotropism means the growth of roots
  14. A child goes on vomiting profusely and develops symptoms of diarrhoea. Chances are that in the child's…
  15. Blood of cockroach is
  16. Nephrons are found inside
  17. The deficiency of Vitamin A which leads to poor vision during night is termed
  18. Those small organisms which float on the surface of water are called
  19. The cellular and molecular control o( programmed cell death is known as
  20. Coagulation of blood in vessels is prevented during normal circulation by
  21. Blood pressure is measured by
  22. The tear glands help us in
  23. Which among the following may carry rabies?
  24. The cavities of the brain are filled with
  25. Which of the following is a disease of brain?
  26. Translocation of food takes place in plants through
  27. The golden age of Dinosaurs was
  28. The plant hormone which promotes ripening of fruits is
  29. The following disease is prevented by triple-antigen immunization
  30. Xerophthalmia is a deficiency disease. Deficiency of _________ causes it.