Objects are passed to a method by use of call-by-reference.

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B. False

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  1. When we invoke repaint () for a Component, the AWT invokes the method:
  2. In a single Servlet class we can use____________
  3. A string object can not be modified after it is created.
  4. Declarations can appear anywhere in the body of a Java method.
  5. Message-Driven beans act as a listener for the Java Message Service API, processing messages synchronously
  6. The setBackground() method is part of the class
  7. The name of a Java program file must match the name of the class with the extension Java.
  8. Which of the following keywords are used to control access to a class member?
  9. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  10. Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?
  11. Submit button always fires doPost(...)
  12. When we implement the Runnable interface, we must define the method
  13. If m and n are int type variables, what will be the result of the expression'm % n' when m = -14 and…
  14. The modulus operator (%) can be used only with Integer operands.
  15. JdbcOdbcDriver is an object of Object class
  16. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  17. A JSP file can be stored_________________
  18. We would like to make a member of a class visible in all subclasses regardless of what package they…
  19. The concept of multiple inheritance is implemented in Java by
  20. What does the following line of code do?TextField text=new TextField(10);
  21. What is java -g used for?
  22. A constructor must always invoke its supper class constructor in its first statement.
  23. It is perfectly legal to assign a subclass object to a supper class reference.
  24. It is an error to catch the same type of exception in two different catch blocks associated with a particular…
  25. Which of the following methods can be used to change the size of a size() *resize()
  26. Which of the following methods belong to the String class?
  27. A method declared as static can not access non-static class members.
  28. Consider the following class definition.Class Student extends String{}What happens when we try to compile…
  29. It is perfectly legal to refer to any instance variable inside of a static method.
  30. Any method in a supper class can be over ridden in its subclass.