Of the following, which one is a characteristic of monopolistic competition?

A. Standardized product

B. Differentiate product

C. Two firms

D. No entry

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  1. Increasing return to scales can be explained in terms of:
  2. In respect of which of the following category of goods is consumers surplus highest?
  3. If regardless of changes in its price, the quantity demanded of a commodity remains unchanged, then…
  4. A normal profit is:
  5. If a straight line supply curve passes through the point of origin O, the elasticity of supply is:
  6. The goods sold by firms under monopolistic competition are technological as well as:
  7. The addition or increment to the total cost involvesd in expanding or contracting output by one unit…
  8. A significant property of the Cobb-Douglas production function is that the elasticity of substitution…
  9. If two goods have same marginal utility for a consumer then:
  10. If the commodity is inferior then the Income Effect (I.E) and the Substitution Effect (S.E):
  11. If demand increased and supply decreased then:
  12. In monopoly:
  13. Under monopolistic competition, the firms compete alongwith:
  14. Economic problems arise because:
  15. The advertisement and other selling activities:
  16. The supply curve for the short-run competitive firm is the same as:
  17. Total profits are maximized at the point where:
  18. Who is the founder of classical school of thought?
  19. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two independent goods will be:
  20. If there are many producers, each of whom has an individual production possibility curve, then the lowest…
  21. If the marginal utility of apples to a consumer exceeds that of bananas then the consumer:
  22. In monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), a firm sells the amount where:
  23. In case of monopoly, the slope of MR is:
  24. Indifference curve represents:
  25. If the supply and demand increases equally, the price will:
  26. An effective price ceiling usually results in:
  27. Economics is a:
  28. Which form of market structure is characterized by interdependence in decision-making as between the…
  29. Marginal Utility (MU) curve is always:
  30. In the case of complements, the cross demand curve slopes: