Offline device is

A. A device which is not connected to CPU

B. A device which is connected to CPU

C. A direct access storage device

D. An I/O device

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  1. WAN stands for
  2. A song being played on computer speaker is
  3. Which of the following is a feature of fifth generation computers?
  4. Fifth generation computer is also known as
  5. ________ computer is small general purpose micro computer, but larger than portable computer
  6. Which one is the largest space?
  7. BCD is
  8. In most of the IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drivers, memory, expansion slots and active components are…
  9. An _________ Device is any device that provides information, which is sent to the CPU
  10. Floppy disks typically in diameter
  11. ASCII stands for
  12. Which of the following helps to protect floppy disks from data getting accidentally erased?
  13. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
  14. The brain of any computer system is
  15. Mnemonic a memory trick is used in which of the following language?
  16. After copying the content how many times can you paste?
  17. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  18. The octal equivalence of 111010 is
  19. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer?
  20. _________ translates and executes program at run time line by line
  21. Which of the following is not anti-viruses software?
  22. COBOL is widely used in application s
  23. Office LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate
  24. What does DMA stand for?
  25. Which of the following computer is not invented by J.P. Eckert and John Mauchly?
  26. A normal CD-ROM usually can store up to data?
  27. On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?
  28. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  29. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  30. What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU of a computer?