Oil separator in a refrigeration cycle is installed

A. Before compressor

B. Between compressor and condenser

C. Between condenser and evaporator

D. Between condenser and expansion valve

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  1. Rating of a domestic refrigerator is of the order of
  2. Mass flow ratio of NH₃ in comparison to Freon12 for same refrigeration load and same temperature…
  3. A good refrigerant should have
  4. Degree of saturation or percentage humidity is
  5. The comfort conditions in air conditioning are at (where DBT = Dry bulb temperature, and RH = Relative…
  6. The specific humidity during cooling and dehumidification
  7. In a pressure enthalpy chart, the space to the left of the saturated liquid line represents
  8. The heat rejection factor (HRF) is given by
  9. A refrigeration system
  10. The refrigerant used for absorption refrigerators working on heat from solar collectors is a mixture…
  11. The relative coefficient of performance is equal to
  12. The C.O.P. of a refrigerator working on a reversed Carnot cycle is (where T₁ = Lowest absolute…
  13. For better C.O.P of refrigerator, the pressure range corresponding to temperature in evaporator and…
  14. As relative humidity decreases, the dew point temperature will be ________ wet bulb temperature.
  15. Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant?
  16. In a refrigeration system, the expansion device is connected between the
  17. The horizontal and non-uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates
  18. The thermostatic expansion valve is also called
  19. In a reversed Brayton cycle, the heat is absorbed by the air during
  20. In mechanical refrigeration system, the refrigerant has the maximum temperature
  21. In a domestic vapour compression refrigerator, the refrigerant commonly used is
  22. In aqua ammonia absorption refrigeration system, incomplete rectification leads to accumulation of water…
  23. The specific humidity during humidification process
  24. The wet bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  25. The refrigerant used in small tonnage commercial machines (hermetically sealed units) is
  26. The ratio of heat extracted in the refrigerator to the work-done on the refrigerant is called
  27. In refrigerator, liquid receiver is required between condenser and flow controlling device, if quantity…
  28. In a vapour compression system, the condition of refrigerant before passing through the condenser is
  29. The emissivity of a polished silver body is __________ as compared to black body.
  30. The thermostatic expansion valve operates on the changes in the