Oldham coupling is used to connect two shafts

A. Which are perfectly aligned

B. Which are not in exact alignment

C. Which have lateral misalignment

D. Whose axes intersect at a small angle

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  1. Which of the following statement is wrong for a connecting rod?
  2. In the calculation of induced shear stress in helical springs, the Wahl's stress factor is used to take…
  3. The objective of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint
  4. The maximum shear stress theory is used for
  5. The draw of cotter should not be more than
  6. The tension on the slack side of the belt is __________ the tension on the tight side of the belt.
  7. The toughness of a material _________ when it is heated
  8. Two shafts will have equal strength, if
  9. In hydrostatic bearings
  10. Basic hole is one
  11. The cold working of metals is carried out __________ the recrystallisation temperature.
  12. The value of stress concentration factor depends upon
  13. For circumferential joint in boilers, the type of joint used is
  14. The application of third type levers is found in
  15. The shear stress at a point in a shaft subjected to a torque is
  16. The coefficient of friction between the belt and pulley depends upon the
  17. When a bolt is subjected to shock loading, the resilience of the bolt should be considered in order…
  18. The stretching in a belt can be controlled by __________ the stress in the belt.
  19. The objective of idler pulley in belt drive is to
  20. For a shaft diameter of 200 mm, the number of bolts in a marine flange coupling should be
  21. If T is the actual number of teeth on a helical gear and φ is the helix angle for the teeth, then…
  22. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  23. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  24. If a bearing is designated by the number 305, it means that the bearing is of
  25. A thin spherical shell of internal diameter d is subjected to an internal pressure p. If V is the storage…
  26. According to I.B.R., when the thickness of the boiler shell (t) is less than 8 mm, then the diameter…
  27. The ratio of circumferential stress to longitudinal stress in a thin cylinder subjected to an internal…
  28. The size of a gear is usually specified by
  29. The wire ropes make contact at
  30. For a shoe brake, the equivalent coefficient of friction is equal to (where μ = Actual coefficient…